Referee & Umpire Training

Tae Kwon Do Umpires Course

The PUMA Umpire course is for students Black Stripe and above who wish to help officiate at competitions.

The training course runs twice yearly and is led by Master Gayle 7th Degree. During the 3-4 hour training, students discuss the responsibilities of an Umpire and then take part in role plays taking on some of the different roles.

Following the course students are asked to help at least 4 PUMA competitions as a trainee Umpire and complete a log book. At each competition, students are assessed by the ring referee, performing one or more of the different roles.

Once the student has attended and helped at 4 competitions, feels confident in being an Umpire and has their log book signed off, they then have to complete a short essay explaining what they found the most challenging/rewarding about their experiences at competition.

Master Gayle collects the assignments and log books and will decide whether the student is ready to be a ‘fully fledged Umpire’. Upon passing students receive an Umpire Certificate (which can be presented to them at a Black Belt Presentation Evening) and a PUMA Umpire T-Shirt so that they are recognised at a competition as an official.

Some of the roles of an Umpire Include:

Tae Kwon Do Referees Course

The referee course takes a very similar structure to the PUMA Umpire course and usually runs alongside the Umpire training. Students can only take this course when they are a fully qualified Umpire and have attended a number of competitions fulfilling an Umpires role.

Like the Umpire course, students discuss the roles and responsibilities of a ring referee and then take part in role play, performing the referee role. During role play, referees are expected to deal with various scenarios that they may encounter at a competition, i.e. competitors in incorrect categories, spectator issues, excessive contact during sparring bouts etc.

On completion of the practical course, trainee referees are then asked to officiate at, at least 4 competitions, under the supervision of a qualified ref. Trainee referees complete a log book, which is signed off by the ring referee at each competition.

To finally qualify as a ring referee, trainees are observed by Master Gayle 7th Degree, who will ensure that the trainee ref has reached the appropriate standards and is confident to take control of a competition ring.

Responsibilities of a Referee include:


Taekwon-Do is the scientific use of the body in the method of self defence. A body that has gained the ultimate use of it's facilities through physical and mental training. Taekwon-Do will improve your flexibility, strengthen your body, help channel agressions and reduce overall stress.

Where & When

Training usually takes place at Brookfield School on Mondays and Whittington Green School on Wednesdays.

Free 1st Lesson

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Miss Emma Deakin

Black Belt, 5th Degree
- Competed in 3 World Championships
- Won 9 World Championship medals
- Former World Bronze Medallist in under 63kg sparring
- Former British Champion


Mr Dale Hubbuck

Black Belt, 3rd Degree
Assistant Instructor

Mr Paul Phillips

Black Belt, 3rd Degree
Assistant Instructor