FAST Self Defence

Imagine a life where you could face any situation with greater confidence, assertiveness, and control?

What if you could...

What is FAST?

FAST stands for Fear Adrenalin Stress Training.

FAST Defence is an award winning seminar programme designed to teach dynamic Self Defence skills. There is quite simply nothing like FAST Defence on the market today. Nothing compares to its' realism, efficacy or the positive intensity of the experience. The powerful training is combined with assertiveness and verbal skills to produce a quite outstanding experience.

FAST courses are accessible to people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Adrenal stress occurs in every confrontation, however big or small. From the arguments you might have at work to a mugging or attack on the street, the body is flooded with adrenaline.

The biggest factor in having a successful outcome or surviving an attack, is being able to channel the adrenaline and therefore avoid freezing up. The objective of all FAST courses is that the student should learn to experience and control difficult situations whilst under the effects of adrenal stress.

FAST courses are built upon teaching the student to achieve these successes in controlled but ever increasing adrenal stress situations. Although the instructors control the scenarios, the students have a 'real' experience and effectively programme themselves for success in future encounters.

You will learn how real world situations occur and how to avoid the common mistakes that escalate them. You will learn to use dialogue and verbal dissuasion. You will learn to avoid looking like a victim.

In self-protection terms, FAST is simple, highly effective and empowering. The student learns to understand their adrenal response and therefore to operate effectively.

However, there is more to the course than self-protection. Worldwide, these courses have had massive impact on peoples lives. Attendees report feeling empowered and more able to deal with the other stressful areas of their lives.

What happens on a FAST course?

A typical FAST course involves building the students skills whilst under the effects of an adrenal stress response through an increasing range of more difficult scenarios.

Courses are first come first served so contact your instructor to reserve your place.

Your local FAST Instructor is Jon Sharrock.

For more information visit the FAST Self Defence page at New Century Tae Kwon-Do.

There will be a FAST course run in the New Century area in 2011, ask your instructor for more details.


Taekwon-Do is the scientific use of the body in the method of self defence. A body that has gained the ultimate use of it's facilities through physical and mental training. Taekwon-Do will improve your flexibility, strengthen your body, help channel agressions and reduce overall stress.

Where & When

Training usually takes place at Brookfield School on Mondays and Whittington Green School on Wednesdays.

Free 1st Lesson

Watch the news, read the papers - it's true and sad to see that violent crimes exist everywhere... Prepare yourself for the unexpected and protect yourself, your family and those around.


Miss Emma Deakin

Black Belt, 5th Degree
- Competed in 3 World Championships
- Won 9 World Championship medals
- Former World Bronze Medallist in under 63kg sparring
- Former British Champion


Mr Dale Hubbuck

Black Belt, 3rd Degree
Assistant Instructor

Mr Paul Phillips

Black Belt, 3rd Degree
Assistant Instructor