The ITF ranking system consists of six solid color belts; white, yellow, green, blue, red, and black.

Coloured belt ranks are defined as follows (from lowest to highest rank):

Grade LevelDescription
10th Kup White - Signifies innocence, as that of the beginning student who has no previous knowledge of Taekwon-Do
9th Kup white with yellow tag
8th Kup Yellow - Signifies the earth from which a plant sprouts and takes root as the foundation of Taekwon-Do is being laid.
7th Kup yellow with green tag
6th Kup Green - Signifies the plant's growth as Taekwon-Do skills begin to develop.
5th Kup green with blue tag
4th Kup Blue - Signifies the Heaven towards which the plant matures into a towering tree as training in Taekwon-Do progresses.
3rd Kup blue with red tag
2nd Kup Red - Signifies Danger, cautioning the student to exercise control and warning the opponent to stay away.
1st Kup red with black tag
1st "dan" Black - Opposite of white, therefore signifying the maturity and proficiency in Taekwon-Do, also indicates the wearer's imperviousness to darkness and fear.

The reason for nine black belt degrees is that the number nine is not only the highest of the single-digit numbers, but also is the number of three multiplied by three. In the Orient, three is the most esteemed of all numbers. The Chinese character for 3 is three horizontal lines, one above the other. The bottom line represents earth; the middle line represents mortals; the upper line represents heaven. It was believed that a man who could unite the three realms in himself, would aspire or be reborn into a king.


Taekwon-Do is the scientific use of the body in the method of self defence. A body that has gained the ultimate use of it's facilities through physical and mental training. Taekwon-Do will improve your flexibility, strengthen your body, help channel agressions and reduce overall stress.

Where & When

Training usually takes place at Brookfield School on Mondays and Whittington Green School on Wednesdays.

Free 1st Lesson

Watch the news, read the papers - it's true and sad to see that violent crimes exist everywhere... Prepare yourself for the unexpected and protect yourself, your family and those around.


Miss Emma Deakin

Black Belt, 5th Degree
- Competed in 3 World Championships
- Won 9 World Championship medals
- Former World Bronze Medallist in under 63kg sparring
- Former British Champion


Mr Dale Hubbuck

Black Belt, 3rd Degree
Assistant Instructor

Mr Paul Phillips

Black Belt, 3rd Degree
Assistant Instructor