Northern Summer Camp 2022

Posted on 15/07/2022

What a blast!!! Thank you to each and every one of you that came along and enjoyed the fun, games and social time together…. With a tiny bit of trainjng thrown in for good measure!!!

This years camp was really overdue after the last couple of years we’ve had.

The camp started on Friday the 15th July until Sunday 17th at Bank farm campsite in Hulme End.

We had a total of 37 camp spots taken, which saw 147 campers.
30 visited on the Saturday to join in on the fun filled weekend. A total of 177 people and 9 dogs.

The Friday saw family’s arriving and set up home In the scorching heat. When everyone was set up we all met on the field for a catch up and drinks around the camp fire. Children and families toasting marshmallows and just generally having fun.

Saturday morning we all met on the field for boot camp (fun camp). The temperature soon heated up. That did not stop the games and exercises that had been planned.
And all students and families of students all joined in.

We had a short break and then met again for group training. This sessions consisted of self defence, step sparring, Bostaff and fancy kicking drills.
After all groups had rotated around and had a go of each session Mr Peter brannan took some of none Taekwondo members to go through some Taekwondo moves and give them a taster session. There were smiles all round.

We had fund-raising activities throughout the day to help raise money for the Northern team going off to the worlds.

One of the high lights of camp I think was the throwing of wet sponges at the instructors in wooden stocks. This raised a great amount of money. I thought our instructors were popular but seeing as everybody wanted to throw wet sponges at them, I’m not so sure…….

A group of members set up a fun game of volleyball which was more popular than previous years as we had four teams that played a small tournament to get a winning team. Very professional.

A huge water fight for all to cool off, then onto the end team games.
We had 6 teams competing against each other in a fun game of crazy bone races. Then our famous eating challenge saw members blindfolded and had to guess what they were eating. I’m not sure that any of our meals will appear on Masterchef.

Saturday night finally came and everyone sat around the campfire in the middle of the field listening to members playing guitars, singing, dancing and lots of toasting of marshmallows.

To sum up, I think everyone enjoyed a fantastic weekend. The weather was amazing and lots of memories made.
Bring on next years. We are already excited.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Master Gayle for coming up and joining us for the weekend. And we would also like to thank everyone that was involved in organising , taking part and just making the weekend brilliant.

Stacey Weatherer
5th Degree instructor.

Thank you to Bank House Farm Campsite for yet again another great year on your field, really could not recommend this site enough.


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